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Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 35m


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 35m


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 20m


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 20m


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 20m


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 20m

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Temperature and Humidity USB Datalogger

Temperature datalogger


AXIOMET AX-DT100 digital temperature and humidity datalogger is a compact, very lightweight, battery powered tool. The datalogger resembles a miniaturized multimeter. Its casing is made of shock-proof plastics. Temperature and relative humidity sensors are directly integrated within the device.

The datalogger is equipped with:

  • clear LCD display;
  • two LEDs indicating that preset level of temperature or humidity was exceeded, as well as measurement activity status;
  • internal memory for up to 32700 measurements;
  • built-in USB interface that allows transferring data form the device to a PC computer. The solution used enhances tightness of the enclosure. What is more, any additional accessories (such as memory card) are not required for proper operation of the device. Memory card slot would affect reliability of device of this type (lower IP rating, greater sensitivity to moisture condensation) and would require additional mechanical safeguards preventing unauthorized persons from removing a memory card.

Together with the datalogger, the device manufacturer provides also:

  • wall mount bracket and anti-theft protection measures;
  • software designed to manage data stored in the datalogger, export data, configure settings and visualize temperature and humidity readings.


Taking into account technical parameters of the AX-DT100 datalogger, it is one of the cheapest solutions that allow to monitor temperature and relative humidity. When measurement mode of the device is set to 1s sampling period, it is possible to register change of parameters for 4.5 hours. By extending sampling period, it is theoretically possible to record data continuously for 44 years! The only limitation in this case is connected, of course, with powering of the device. The device manufacturer decided to use battery power source (a single ½AA lithium battery, 3.6V 1200mAh).

Temperature is the most common physical value that is measured, hence, area of application of the datalogger is very wide. Due to the range of measured temperatures (-40°C-70°C) and relative humidity (0%-100%), the device is dedicated to monitor environmental parameters. Bottom limit of temperature measurements (-40°C) makes the device perfect for monitoring parameters in cold stores and freezers. By setting up 1s sampling period, it is possible to determine the time and speed of freezing process.

AX-DT100 datalogger is also perfect for monitoring and registering data in greenhouses, storehouses, and drying rooms (especially in storehouses and drying rooms for fruit and vegetables). Moreover, temperature and humidity monitoring feature of the device allows to evaluate the effectiveness of air conditioners operation as well as air conditioning installation in cars. Long-term registers of temperature data allow to optimize temperature adjusting systems and to change settings of manual adjusters, e.g. reduce heating costs thanks to the knowledge of data connected with temperature fluctuations and trends.


The range of temperature and relative humidity measurements is typical of the dataloggers available in the market. Measurement accuracy and other technical parameters are also comparable. One of the biggest advantage of AXIOMET solution is software that allows to process, export, and visualize data. Moreover, the device can be configured with the use of the software, despite the fact that logger is equipped with a user interface (buttons and LCD display). Such a solution enhances device ease of use and functionality.

To sum up, due to the functionality offered by AXIOMET AX-DT100 digital datalogger as well as accessories and software supplied with the device, it is a highly competitive product and it is one of the cheapest dataloggers in its class.