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Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 35m


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 35m


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 20m


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 20m


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 20m


Inspection camera; Display: LCD 7"; Cam.res: 720x480; Len: 20m

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An easier way to check the condition of installation thanks to the AX-T2400 insulation resistance meter from AXIOMET

Insulation resistance meterOne of the most frequently checked parameters of low voltage electrical networks is the state of electrical insulation that protects against touching directly the components conducting electrical current. It influences the safety of electrical installations and is required by fire protection regulations.

The quality of insulation is evaluated based on the resistance measurement and leakage current.

It is necessary to control the technical condition of the insulation due to continuous and inevitable network degradation caused by:

  • temperature,
  • weather, mechanical, and chemical conditions,
  • the process of ageing.

Whereas a vast majority of low voltage installations has not been upgraded or checked since they were initiated. That is why to ensure operational efficiency, it is necessary to monitor the state of insulation. One of the measurement devices allowing you to test insulation resistance below 4GΩ, is the AX-T2400 digital meter from AXIOMET.

Measurement conditions

Tests may be conducted on voltages from 125V DC to 1,000V DC. The device enables automatic change of measurement range.

The test procedure was not forced by the producer, which means that users have to have some basic knowledge of the rules of insulation resistance measurements. Measurement time is not strictly defined either, so users can easily control it.

Using the AX-T2400

The meter has a large, central TEST button with the LOCK clip, which enables you to enter the high voltage measurement mode without the necessity of holding the button when the device is on. Thanks to that, operators can control measurement time and monitor the trends of changes in temporary values of the insulation resistance.

The AX-T2400 device enables measurement of DC (max 1,000V DC) and AC (max 750V AC-RMS) voltage in the band of up to 400 Hz. It also offers the autonomous measurement circuit discharge function after finishing a measurement. Furthermore, it allows you to check low-resistance electrical connections, and to control the circuit continuity up to 400Ω.

Possible applications of the meter

The meter features the following functionalities:

  • high voltage voltmeter,
  • ohmmeter for low resistance measurements.

Despite its compact size, the device has all the most useful measurement features to perform complex insulation checks.

It’s worth mentioning that the meter complies with the IEC 61010-1 standard, CAT III for measurements up to 1,000V, and it can be used for conducting comprehensive measurements of distribution components in low voltage networks, such as:

  • cabinets with safety and control equipment,
  • switchboards,
  • shafts and enclosures with instrument panels and counters.

These are merely a few examples of possible applications, as the device enables its users to check all components of electric installations, from distribution points to sockets and loads.


The AX-T2400 digital insulation resistance meter is recommended for users who wish to check insulation in living areas, offices, or business premises on their own. It can be used in locations featuring low voltage installations, or on the premises with temporary installations. What is more, if the need of quick evaluation of installation state arises, e.g. to be able to make decisions about further repair and construction works, the device proves itself indispensable.