Extension cables for borescopes

Video extension cable for borescopes

The AX-BCX2 and AX-BCX3 extension cables are designed for the AX-B150 and AX-B350 cameras from AXIOMET. They have the same diameter of the optical cable and camera (12mm) as the 1m cables that come as a standard with these borescopes.

The use of the extension cables increases the range of the device, but it does not affect any of its working parameters.

A longer cable enables a more precise and insightful inspection of any installation. It allows you to take a closer look at elements that would otherwise be less visible due to their small sizes or poor light conditions. What is more, a large distance from an inspected object negatively influences the sharpness of the image, and the extension cable eliminates this issue.

The flexibility of these optical cables was adjusted in such a way that, after some practice, you’ll be able to use them in installations with bends at different angles. A cable skilfully inserted into an installation (e.g. a ventilation duct, plumbing or exhaust system) can be bent and unbent during inspection with the use of the edges.

As a result, thanks to these extension cables, an inspection camera becomes a tool that allows you to inspect internal areas of large tanks and distant parts of various installations.

In order to avoid poor image quality, you need to remember that the maximum length of an extension cable cannot exceed 5m.

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