AX-CTG10 – handy varnish thickness tester from AXIOMET

The thickness of the varnish can be measured using two different tools.

One uses a magnetic element on a spring placed in a bushing with a scale. The scale lets you see how much the spring can be extended before the tension balances the magnetic attraction, and the magnet detaches from the body. The thicker the varnish, the faster the magnet detaches.

This method does not work in case of surfaces made of non-ferromagnetic materials, which means inter alia aluminium used in sports cars.

In such cases, you will need a more advanced tester. For instance, the AX-CTG10 varnish tester from AXIOMET.

Net price from 25.74 EUR
The AX-CTG10 tester uses magnetic induction.

AXIOMET varnish thickness tester

The AX-CTG10 tester used magnetic induction. Thanks to a built-in, replaceable 3V battery (CR2032), it generates electromagnetic field that induces electricity in metal underneath the varnish. The current creates another magnetic field, which is then detected by a tester sensor to evaluate the distance between the probe and the metal.

The tester can successfully measure the thickness of any non-metal varnish applied onto a metal surface.

Therefore, it can be used with the more and more common aluminium bodies. What is more, it can also be used in the industry, e.g. to manually control the quality of coating layers.

Measurement precision and comfort of use

The device features an LCD display and offers the measurement range of 0.1 µm to 1,250 µm. The accuracy of measurement is ±2% + ±0.02 mm, which is sufficient for the majority of applications.

The tester is handy, it lies well in the hand, and it does not take much space either. It has an enclosure made of plastic and rubber, and its dimensions are 80x42x24mm.

The tester supports the hold function, enabling you to freeze the measurement on a current value in order to easily read it later. It’s particularly useful in measurements conducted in hard-to-reach spaces.

Operating the AX-CTG10 tester

AXIOMET AX-CTG10 automatically powers off when idle, and informs you about low battery to avoid problems with the lack of power. The enclosure features buttons:

  • for selecting the type of surface to measure varnish thickness;
  • for resetting the reading;
  • for selecting measurement unit (mm/mil).


With its accessible price, the accuracy of measurement, excellent workmanship, and compact size, it’s a way more attractive option than competition’s products, especially for those who plan to test varnish thickness from time to time.