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Programmable laboratory power supplies AX-3003P and AX-6003P

Programmable laboratory power suppliesLaboratory power supplies are primarily required to regulate the output voltage and current with high resolution, excellent properties in terms of stabilization and to minimize ripple and noise for the regulated voltage. These features and many others may be attributed to the laboratory power supply AX-3003P and AX-6003P by AXIOMET.

Under laboratory conditions, the properties of the programmable power supply AX-3003P and AX-6003P by AXIOMET are useful, including the possibility of simultaneously reading voltage and current values with smooth adjustment. In the event of a necessity to measure voltage and current intensity at the same time, there is no need to switch the measuring functions in the power supply. Moreover, it is possible to analyse continuously the changing values. The smooth adjustment in turn allows for precise setting of the output voltage and current taking into account very small increments or declines.

Key features include protection:

  • against overload,
  • against surge,
  • against temperature,
  • before connecting to the power supply output voltages of opposite polarity.

AX-3003P Programmable laboratory power suppliesIndividual functions are set using the button [Shift] [Menu], which allow you to proceed to setting the various functional elements, while the options for the current function is selected by pressing [Menu].

The power supply can store up to 100 settings entered by the user. It is possible to recall data from the memory and then using the number buttons, to select the memory location from which data will be recalled, which is finally confirmed by pressing [Enter].

The advantages of programmable power supplies, in addition to the power supply functions, consisting of providing a specific, very precisely specified voltage and current, include the possibility to programme and read several properties. The functionality in this respect is particularly useful during design work and start-up of electronic devices, especially when performing calculations. On the other hand programming electrical values allow quick switching of voltage and current values facilitating work with a variety of powered devices and systems. Thus, the voltage and current at the output of the power supply are reproducible.

AX-6003P Programmable laboratory power suppliesIn addition, worthy of note is parameters programming using the numeric keypad and the ability to use a stepper button, so each time the assigned function button is pressed, it will increase or decrease the value of the voltage or current by a step. During work requiring continuous and precise adjustment of the output quantity, a swivel knob is applicable. For example, by pressing the button [<] or [>] the cursor is moved to the left or right. Rotating the knob to the right increases the values on which the cursor is located by 1, and increases the units and vice versa.

Power supply parameters

Output voltage in the AX-3003P is 30 V DC, while in the AX-6003P it is 60 V DC at an output current adjustable in the range of 0 to 3 A. As a result, the AX-6003P provides for the power supply to devices and systems characterized by a greater power.

Parameters AX-3003P AX-6003P
Net price from 116.64 GBP
Net price from 133.68 GBP
Type of power supply programmable laboratory programmable laboratory
Kind of display used LCD 5 digits LCD 5 digits
Number of channels 1 1
Output voltage 0...30 V DC 0...60 V DC
Output voltage resolution 1 mV 1 mV
Output current 0...3 A 0...3 A
Output current resolution 0.1 mA 0.1 mA
Voltage stabilisation ≤0,01% + 3mV ≤0,01% + 3mV
Current stabilisation ≤0,2% + 3mA ≤0,2% + 3mA
Voltage (regulated) ripple and noise ≤1mVrms ≤1mVrms
Dimensions 126x143x296 mm 126x143x296 mm
Weight 5.5 kg 5.9 kg
Power supply 110/220V, ±10%, 50/60Hz 110/220V, ±10%, 50/60Hz
Measuring instrument features
  • simultaneous voltage and current readout
  • voltage and current stepless adjustment
  • protection against connection of reverse polarisation voltage to the PSU output
  • memory for 100 settings
  • simultaneous voltage and current readout
  • voltage and current stepless adjustment
  • protection against connection of reverse polarisation voltage to the PSU output
  • memory for 100 settings
Standard equipment
  • USB cable
  • software
  • mains cable
  • USB cable
  • software
  • mains cable
Kind of power supply single-channel, linear single-channel, linear
Protection anti-overload, anti-overvoltage, against reverse polarity, thermal anti-overload, anti-overvoltage, against reverse polarity, thermal
Plug variant EU EU

Other features of the power supplies are the same:

  • the output voltage resolution is 1 mV
  • the output current resolution is 0.1 mA.

The parameters of the power supply can therefore be precisely adjusted, which is particularly essential in the case of devices of low power.

There are practically two ways you can set the output current:

  • by pressing a numeric key and then pressing [Enter], the current output value is introduced;
  • with a push of the knob, the value of the output current is immediately changed. Using this method while the output is enabled, will change the output current by the value of the knob’s rotation.

No less important is the voltage stabilisation (≤ 0.01% + 3mV) and current (≤0.2% + 3mA). Ripple and noise for the regulated voltage is ≤1mVrms. Thus, you can obtain an accurate output voltage stabilization, which is very important in laboratory work, especially with equipment sensitive to changes in voltage and current. The power supplies are equipped with 1 output channel. No less important is the temperature coefficient ≤300ppm/°C. Setting accuracy reaches ± 0.03% of reading + 10mV (25±5°C) and recovery time is 100us (load change of 50%, minimum load 0.5A).

The devices are powered with a voltage of 115/230 V AC (±10%, 50/60Hz), while the dimension of the power supply is 126 x 143 x 296 mm at a weight of 5.5 kg.

Setting possibilities

  • surge protection value is obtained by pressing the [OVP] button, which allows you to set the maximum output voltage. If the set value or the existing output value is higher than the maximum, the output will be turned off along with a light and sound signal.
  • the state of the overload protection,
  • voltage/current delay time,
  • overload protection
  • voltage step,
  • current step
  • voltage self-test. Thanks to the voltage self-test, the accuracy of the output voltage is improved.

Key features include the possibility to set:

  • the quick access buttons,
  • the sound signal,
  • and the number of operating cycles.

As a result, we achieve the possibility to accurately adjust the features of the power supply to the parameters of the powered device, especially in laboratory conditions. Setting of the operating cycles is based on selecting the numeric buttons and the number of cycles from 0 to 99999.

You can use the remote control function by communicating the power supply to the PC via the USB interface. The computer software allows to remotely control all functions that may be performed using the front panel of the device.

Programmable laboratory power supplies AX-3003P and AX-6003P of AXIOMET are a good option for users who expect a broad range of setting possibilities for particular parameters of a power supply including protection, at a high level of control accuracy for output voltage and current.