Country: United Kingdom

Measuring voltages and currents with the AXIOMET AX-3350 clamp meter

AX-3550 Thanks to its compactness and small inner diameter of clamps (Ø55 mm), the device is a perfect solution for all kinds of control and measurement activities and facility maintenance.

AX-3550 has been designed for the TRUE RMS measurement (root mean square) of AC voltages and currents for the frequency of 50-200Hz. It can be used for measuring:

  • active (kW), reactive (kVA), apparent (kvar) power in the range of 0.1 to 750;
  • power factor cosφ (0.3–1);
  • phase shift angle (0–90°);
  • active energy (0.001–9999kWh). All measurements are performed in single- or balanced three-phase systems.

The change of measurement range is automatic:

  • accurate to ±(1.2%+5 digits) for 100/400/750V voltage;
  • accurate to ±(2%+5 digits) for 40/100/400/1000A current.

A large, backlit LCD display with:

  • a bar graph, i.e. a 35-segment light line,
  • a clear graduation of change range,
  • the SAVE feature, with the maximum number of 99 results stored. The HOLD feature freezes the display info, and the MAX/MIN measures the maximum and minimum values.

Additionally, AXIOMET AX-3550 has overload protection and a non-contact voltage detector. It can be connected to a PC via USB in order to send measurement results to an application included on the CD enclosed.