Country: United Kingdom



Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A


Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 4; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A


Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 0÷30VDC; 0÷3A; 5VDC/3A


Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A; 5VDC/3A


Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A


Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 0÷30VDC; 0÷3A; 0÷30VDC; 0÷3A

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AXIOMET is a supplier of measuring and laboratory equipment used in a wide range of industries. Our products can be used in professional applications in industry, service stations, or automobile repair shops. A wide range of products is also offered to hobbyists.

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Our videos include an English voiceover. Additionally, they feature subtitles in 11 languages: Polish, English, German, Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Spanish, Slovakian, Dutch, and Italian.

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AXIOMET’s offer includes

  • digital multimeters,
  • clamp meters,
  • resistance meters,
  • temperature, humidity, and light meters,
  • inspection cameras,
  • calibrators,
  • laboratory power supply units,
  • digital oscilloscopes,
  • generators.

What’s more, AXIOMET also offers accessories extending the functionalities of measuring devices.

We will successively present them on our channel.