Country: United Kingdom



Calibrator; RTD; R range: 0,01÷400/1500/3200Ω; Unit: °C, °F


LCR meter; double LCD (19,999/1999), bargraph, with a backlit


Calibrator; loop; VDC: 0÷28V; I DC: 0÷22mA; Current source: 0÷22mA


Software; Application: AX-DG105; Equipment: RS232 cable, software


LCR meter; LCD 5 digits; 3x/s; 0,0001÷9,999MΩ; R accuracy: ±0,3%


Generator: function; Band: ≤5MHz; LCD TFT 3,5"; Channels: 2


Tester: electrical; LED bargraph indicating 7 voltage levels


Calibrator; loop; VDC: 0÷50V; VAC: 0÷500V; I DC: 0÷20mA; R range: 5kΩ


Multimeter calibrator; VDC: 0,01m÷40m/400m/4/40/400V


Tester: electrical; LED bargraph indicating 7 voltage levels

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Inspection cameras from AXIOMET with probe of more than 30m

AXIOMET offers the AX-B2120xx series inspection cameras and the AX-B1136TC model, which are irreplaceable in installation and maintenance works in various conditions.

Net price from 645.46 GBP

AX-B1136TC camera design

The AX-B1136TC camera is equipped with:

  • a telescopic arm ranging from 1080 to 2850mm;
  • a holder with a display;
  • flexible wire for setting the camera, ended with a head.

Net price from 645.46 GBP
An inspection camera with a telescopic arm.

The wire is attached to the telescopic arm, ended with a handle that also works as a container for batteries.

The display and the probe in the AX-B1136TC camera

The colour camera has the diameter of 23mm and provides the resolution of 720x480 pixels. It is mounted on a flexible 0.48m cable, which can be bent and shaped to a comfortable form. What is more, the head is equipped with LEDs to illuminate the inspected area.

The image is presented on a 4.3” LCD display (480x272 pixels). Thanks to the SD-card slot, you can save the viewed image as an AVI file. The work is additionally facilitated by the indicator of low battery level and LED lighting level.

Practical information

The device has the IP68 degree of protection, which means that it’s completely dust- and waterproof. Standard equipment includes a battery, a charger-adapter, a sun screen, and a comfortable case for carrying the set.

AX-B1136TC applications

The camera effectively supports you in installation and maintenance works. With the long telescopic arm and flexible probe, you can examine distant and hard-to-reach spots inside enclosures or installation ducts. Due to its construction, the device is also very helpful in inspections of equipment mounted at heights.

Models from the AX-B2120XX series

  • CW - with a metal stand for easier operation in the field,
  • RD - with a case,
  • ST – a version analogous to the RD, but without the possibility of mounting an SD card to record videos.

AX-B2120XX series camera design

AXIOMET AX-B21XX inspection devices include:

  • a monitor with a colour display;
  • a 720x480 px camera with the diameter of 23mm, with adjustable LED illumination;
  • semi-flexible wire with the diameter of 5mm;
  • durable and hermetic metal enclosure.

A metal spinning wheel facilitates the use of the flexible wire. The core of the wire is made of glass fibre for excellent durability. It has meter markings, so that you know how deep the camera has been inserted.

The monitor and probe of AX-B2120XX

The devices feature a large, 7-inch colour LCD display. The monitor is connected to the camera with a 20m or 34m cable – depending on the version. At the point of connection of the cable and the camera, there is a flexible 120mm spring fastener, which makes it easier to manipulate the camera in tight spaces. Additionally, you can fit one of the two available bits on the camera head to be able to centre the camera while penetrating pipes or narrow gaps. The devices save the image on the SD card (except the AX-B2120ST model) as an AVI file or a still image, with the framerate of 15 or 30 fps. A TV-Out port is available as well.

Practical information

The devices feature a container for the battery, control knobs, and ports. The construction is dust- and waterproof (IP68), and can operate within the temperature range of -10 to +50oC.

The equipment includes a Li-Ion battery allowing for 260 minutes of operation, a sun screen for the display, and a charger-adapter.

Applications for AX-B2120XX inspection cameras

The device is very helpful in service works. It is designed for installers and maintenance staff. It is a perfect solution for examining the condition of your installation in hard-to-reach spaces, such as cable vaults, cable ducts, chimneys, or ventilation ducts.