Country: United Kingdom



Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 4; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A


Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 0÷30VDC; 0÷3A; 0÷30VDC; 0÷3A


Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A; 5VDC/3A


Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 0÷30VDC; 0÷3A; 5VDC/3A


Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A


Power supply: laboratory; Channels: 3; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A; 0÷30VDC; 0÷5A

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Product Info

  • Inspection cameras from AXIOMET with probe of more than 30m

    The AX-B1136TC, AX-B2120CW, AX-B2120RD, and AX-B2120ST inspection cameras have a long probe enabling you to evaluate the condition of your installation, and to reach even narrow gaps.

    Net price from 660.62 GBP

  • Non-invasive current measurement with AX-215TIC and AX-205T clamp meters

    The AX-215TIC and AX-205T portable, digital meters from AXIOMET allow you to conduct non-invasive AC current measurements of both sinusoidal and distorted waveforms thanks to the TrueRMS feature and the use of clamps. What is more, the AX-215TIC model enables direct current measurements.

  • AX-CTG10 – handy varnish thickness tester from AXIOMET

    Prior to purchasing a car, you should carefully verify it to avoid further major spending right after finalizing the transaction. Especially that there are ways to quickly verify the history of a vehicle. To do that, you can test the thickness of the varnish using a dedicated tester, e.g. AXIOMET AX-CTG10.

  • AXIOMET AX-3010H portable power supply with charger feature

    AXIOMET AX-3010H is a portable mid-power PSU with a set of pre-defined features that turn it into a battery charger. It's also equipped with a USB power port. Thanks to a switch-mode design, the device is lighter and smaller than linear solutions, and at the same time it allows for digital regulation and measurement of output voltage and limiting of output current.

  • AX-12001DBL high voltage lab power supply from AXIOMET

    High voltage lab power supply

    An extended range of output voltage adjustment is an important feature of the AXIOMET AX-12001DBL power supply, which is a part of the high/medium power lab PSUs. Its simple transformer construction ensures stepless adjustment of output voltage up to 120VDC and adjustment of the output current limit.

  • AX-3020L high power laboratory power supply unit from AXIOMET

    The AX-3020L power supply is a high power device with stepless adjustment of output parameters throughout the entire power range up to 600W. Its simple transformer construction enables creating various configurations in order to increase output voltage or load-carrying capacity.