Country: United Kingdom

In order for the meter to be safely used for measuring electrical installation outside a building, CAT IV safety requirements according to PN-EN61010 standard have to be fulfilled. AX-58xB AXIOMET digital multimeters have necessary certificates and can be bought at a very attractive price!

Product specifications
Type of meter:
digital multimeter
transistors' gain h<sub>FE</sub>, AC voltage, DC voltage, capacitance, AC current, DC current, resistance
Measuring instrument features:
  • automatic power-off
  • HOLD function
  • impact resistant holster
  • manual ranging
  • universal
  • detects line wire (acoustic and optical indication)
  • low battery indicator
Kind of display used:
LCD 3,5 digit 28mm, with a backlit
DC voltage measuring range:
DC voltage measuring accuracy:
±(0,5% + 3 digits)
AC voltage measuring range:
AC voltage measuring accuracy:
±(0,8% + 5 digits)
Bandwidth for AC voltage measurements:
DC current measuring range:
DC current measuring accuracy:
±(0,8% + 4 digits)
AC current measuring range:
AC current measuring accuracy:
±(2% + 5 digits)
Bandwidth for AC current measurements:
True effective value measurement:
True RMS
Resistance measuring range:
Resistance measuring accuracy:
±(0,8% + 3 digits)
Capacitance measuring range:
Capacitance measuring accuracy:
±(2,5% + 20 digits)
Diode test:
1mA, 3V
Transistors' gain (hFE) test:
3 V
Continuity test:
acoustic signal for R<70Ω
Overall dimensions (W x D x H):
97x35x189 mm
Weight with battery:
375 g
Power supply:
1 battery 9V 6F22, set without battery
Standard equipment:
  • adapter for capacitance and transistors' gain (hFE) measurement
  • test leads
Optional equipment:
  • AX-58P soft cover
  • test leads AX-TL-4B1-B
  • test leads AX-TL-4B1-BL
  • test leads AX-TL-4B1-R
  • test leads AX-TL-BNC-4BP2
  • test leads AX-TLP-001
  • test leads AX-TLP-001T
  • test leads AX-TLP-002
  • test leads AX-TLP-003
  • test leads AX-TLS-001B
  • test leads AX-TLS-002B
  • test leads AX-TLS-003A
  • test leads AX-TLS-004A
  • test leads AX-TLS-005A
  • test leads AX-TLS-007S
  • test leads PPOM-14
  • test tweezers AX-TLP-TW-01
Conform to the norm:
EN61010 600V CAT IV
Additional information
Gross weight:
0.654 kg