Country: United Kingdom

Advanced cable and metallic parts detector – professional tool for the construction repair sector. It allows to locate sockets, cable boxes, and switches in building installations, both in the walls and in the ground. This device facilitates sorting of cables, those connected to the supply voltage as well as non-powered ones.

Product specifications
Type of tester:
non-contact voltage and cable detector
Kind of display used:
LCD, bargraph
Detected voltage range:
12...400 V AC
Frequency range of detectable voltage:
detects voltage at depth of 0,4 m, detects cables at depth of 0,5 m (2-pole application), detects cables at depth of 2 m (1-pole application)
Output signal:
Pollution degree:
Operating temperature:
0...40 °C
Receiver dimensions:
192x61x37 mm
Transmitter dimensions:
130x69x32 mm
Receiver weight:
180 g
Transmitter weight:
130 g
Power supply:
1 battery 9V 6F22 (transmitter), 1 battery 9V 6F22 (receiver), set without battery
Measuring instrument features:
  • automatic power-off
  • localizes cable routes in ground
  • localizes routes of metal pipes for water and central heating systems
  • localizes given electric circuit protection
  • set consisting of transmitter and receiver
  • detects discontinuities and short circuits in cables
  • detects cables in walls
Standard equipment:
  • test probes
  • crocodile clips
  • test leads Heavy Duty
  • hard case
Conform to the norm:
EN61010 300V CAT III
Additional information
Gross weight:
2.132 kg