Knowledge Base

  • Ensuring safety during control and measurement works on electrical installations

    What should be done in order to ensure that electrical measurements are safe to us? Start with familiarizing yourself with the following legal acts on the safety during works on electrical installations.

  • Contactless temperature measurement and diagnostics

    Infrared thermometers are devices designed for contactless temperature measurement that noticeably enhance the possibilities in terms of temperature control, diagnostics, and dynamic measurements.

  • Insulation resistance monitoring as a requirement for safe use of electricity grids

    Controlling insulation condition, in accordance with legal requirements, is a part of the periodic process of installation control in buildings. Insulation resistance measurement enables detection of invisible cable and installation damages caused by mechanical factors, humidity or dirt.

  • Temperature measurement uncertainty depending on resolution and error of a thermometer

    Temperature measurement accuracy

    Temperature measurements depend on requirements set out in quality management systems, legal and technical circumstances, and numerous documents with established standards. By taking all these guidelines into account, we can plan measuring tasks better and properly interpret their results.

  • Measurement methods and temperature sensors

    Large number of sensing techniques and temperature transducers make market offer very competitive. That is why, in order to choose appropriate thermometer, temperature sensor or transducer we have to know the basics of temperature measurements. In this document you will find examples of typical temperature sensors and the most important information thanks to which you will be able to choose appropriate device for measuring temperature.

  • While choosing the equipment, pay attention to its compliance with the EN61010 standard

    When we consider buying a new measuring device, we should take the following aspects into account:

    • Will this tool be used to test electronic devices alone, or also bigger single-phase electric devices?
    • Will the tool be used to test protected electrical installations, or installations outside the buildings?
    • Are we going to test low voltage electrical installations outside the buildings?.

    When it comes to make a final decision, we should take guidelines contained in the EN 61010 standard into account.