AX-3004H AXIOMET portable laboratory power supply unit

AX-3004H power supply unit

The AX-3004H AXIOMET power supply unit belongs to a group of portable power supply units characterized by completely new (hand-held) design. The solution is innovative due to the fact that a power supply unit with a nominal power of 50W is contained in a casing of overall dimensions of a typical multimeter.

Despite very small dimensions, this power supply unit is equipped with:

  • one output that allows for digital regulation of current (0.1-3.75A) and voltage (0-30VDC), and control of these parameters in CC (constant current) and CV (constant voltage) modes;
  • two additional USB ports at a constant voltage value of 5VDC and current regulated within the full range;
  • extremely lightweight and compact design which is a result of using an AC/DC converter. Such solutions have only been used in socket power supplies, modular power supplies, and industrial power supplies so far. Linear control systems with a power transformer are still used in most laboratory power supply units, what makes them unportable.

The AX-3004H AXIOMET power supply unit is equipped with a large, backlit, black and white display (4 digits) and a backlit keypad. The device resembles a portable multimeter. However, in fact, it is fully functional laboratory power supply unit characterized by parameters comparable to those of the existing desktop power supply units.

Accuracy of output current and voltage measurement for all three outputs, and possibility to calibrate these parameters should be pointed out, because this functionality is rarely applied in laboratory power supply units. The output voltage is characterized by very low ripple and noise connected with the switching operation of the power supply unit, and these are significantly lower than the one declared by the manufacturer.

Having all the advantages of this power supply unit in mind, it can be recommended to all people, who need portable solutions or want to replace their old laboratory power supply units with new, compact ones, which don’t take too much space on a laboratory desk. Furthermore, this power supply unit can be used as a two-channel USB charger or a battery charger for all types of batteries charged with constant current method. All designers and hobbyists should also appreciate the fact that calibrated current measurement at USB outputs makes it possible to accurately determine the power consumed by loads powered by the USB port.

To sum up, innovative design of this power supply unit will probably set a new family of laboratory PSUs. Comparable price and technical parameters, as well as unique functionalities make this solution a perfect offer in the segment of low-power laboratory power supply units.